Tom Bailey

Tom Bailey


Clients & collaborators: Clark, Harry Escott, Roger Goula, Jeremy Holland-Smith, Jolby Talbot, Max Richter, Thom Yorke

Before joining the AIR Management roster in 2019, Tom had worked as an in-house engineer at London’s most iconic studios: Livingston, Strongroom, and AIR.

His film and TV score portfolio includes work with award-winning talent, including the recording of orchestral elements for Thom Yorke’s score for Suspiria, and Anima – Yorke’s short film collaboration with Paul Thomas Anderson.

Tom won the MGP Award for Original Score Recording of the Year in 2022 for his work on composer Clark’s score and OST for Lisey’s Story and is IVORs nominated for his work on The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe. In 2020, he engineered and mixed Harry Escott’s BAFTA-winning score for Roadkill, in addition to, Ali & Ava, Wild Bill, and The English Game, as well as Escott and PJ Harvey’s 2018 track, An Acre of Land. Tom further worked with Max Richter on the atmospheric Ad Astra score and Mary Queen of Scots, as well as with Marius de Vries on multiple projects.

Tom’s discography covers some of the biggest acts in music, including Chrissie Hynde’s solo studio album, Valve Bone Woe; Paul McCartney’s New; Bending Hectic (single) by The Smile and Drones and The 2nd Law from Muse.


Producer, Engineer & Mixer
An Acre of Land - PJ Harvey & Harry Escott

Score Engineer & Mixer
Uprising - Harry Escott
Lisey’s Story - Clark

Score Engineer
Small Axe: Mangrove - Mica Levi
Suspiria - Thom Yorke

Score Mixer
Ali & Ava - Harry Escott
Killers Anonymous - Roger Goula

Additional Score Engineer
Ad Astra - Max Richter

Engineer & Mixer
Orbit/Saturn (Live at AIR) - Nao

Valve Bone Woe - Chrissie Hynde
Anima - Thom Yorke (Orchestra and Choir)
High as Hope - Florence + the Machine

Additional Engineer
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie - Dan Gillespie Sells
Cinderella - Jessica Rose Weiss, Mychael Danna & Camila Cabello

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The Smile - Bending Hectic - Strings Engineer
PJ Harvey & Harry Escott – An Acre Full Of Land – Engineer, Producer and Mixer
Florence + The Machine – High As Hope – Engineer
Florence + The Machine – Songs From Final Fantasy XV – Engineer
Nao – Orbit/Saturn Live at AIR Studios – Engineer and Mixer
Chrissie Hynde – Valve Bone Woe – Engineer
Thom Yorke – Anima – Orchestral Engineer
A Studio – Chameleon – Mixer
Vincent Nicholo – Forthcoming – Engineer
Pete Tong And Heritage Orchestra – Ibiza Classics – Orchestral Editor
Roger Goula – Overview Effect – Engineer, Producer & Mixer
Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams – Additional Engineer
Lily Allen – Little Soldier – Mixer
Lethal Bizzle Festuring David Arnold & Sinead Hartnett – Come This Far – Recordist
Various – Olympics Closing Ceremony – Engineer
Laura Wright – Glorious – Engineer
Ramin Karimloo – Human Heart – Programmer
The TenFiveSixty – It’s My Life – Engineer
The Priests – Then Sings My Soul – Mixer
Robbie Robertson – How To Become Clairvoyant – Engineer
Angus And Julia Stone – Down The Way – Engineer
Tim Robbins - Tim Robbins And The Rogues Gallery Band – Engineer & Mixer
London Community Gospel Choir – Glorious – Engineer
Paul Carrack – I Know That Name: In Concert – Engineer
Cagedbaby – Medicine, Little Man, Forced (tracks) – Mixer
Sodagreen – Summer, Fever (tracks) – Engineer & Mixer
Eason Chan – Fifth Floor’s Happiness – Mixer
David Garrett – David Garrett – Engineer
David Garrett – Encore – Engineer
M83 – Saturdays=Youth – Programmer
The Shadow Orchestra – How The Heart Must Learn – Mixer
Andy Thornton – Sunflower Girl – Programmer
Touriste – Battle On – Engineer

Recent Projects


Composer: Neil Hannon
Score & Song Engineer, Score & OST Mixer: Tom Bailey
Song Mixer: Andy Bradfield
Cast Vocal Engineer: Jake Jackson
Additional Engineer & Vocal Editor: Alex Ferguson

The Smile – Bending Hectic (Single)

Strings Engineer: Tom Bailey

Our Planet (Season 2)

Composers: Thomas Farnon & Jasha Klebe
Score Engineer: Tom Bailey

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