AIR Mastering specialise in all formats of analogue and digital mastering, providing high-end audio services to the world’s music industry. From independent artists to major labels and cult TV soundtracks to Hollywood blockbusters our highly-skilled team with some of the best ears in the business will enhance your release.

John Webber is an award-winning mastering engineer. He offers services for CD, Vinyl, Direct to Disc Recording, Multichannel/Stems, Half Speed Mastering, Apple Digital Masters and Hi Resolution Audio.

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Ray’s creative skill and technical knowledge make him one of the world’s best mastering and remastering engineers.

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Jasper joined AIR after completing his Tonmeister degree at the University of Surrey with a final-year thesis on mastering.

He began his training by assisting on mastering sessions for releases by David Bowie, Pink Floyd, George Michael, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Working across CD, Multichannel/Stems, Apple Digital Masters and Hi Resolution Audio Jasper is now beginning to build up his own client base.

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Online Mastering

With AIR Online Mastering you can start the process of getting your tracks mastered right now.

Enter your details in the order form then upload your tracks by whatever method suits you the best – WeTransfer, Dropbox or our own Mastering Filedrop service.

We will get straight back to you with a quote for your requirements.



Your tape or digital audio is fed through our range of top-end analogue/digital processors. We produce a digital WAV file for use on all music streaming services.
We cut your audio onto a 14" lacquer (a pre-master) ready for the pressing plant to create your vinyl records. Our experienced engineers perform the transfer on our VMS80 cutting lathe and ensure your music is optimised for the format.
Previously known as ‘Mastered for iTunes’ Apple Digital Mastering is a specialist workflow that ensures the stamp of approval from Apple when buying or streaming music via their services. Each of our engineers are certified with Apple to carry out this process.
Recording, mixing and vinyl come together as we record live performances from Lyndhurst Hall or Studio 1 directly onto a vinyl pre-master in our mastering room. This is the ultimate pure analogue recording.
Vinyl mastering but with the turntable, electronics and audio set to half its original speed. Your tracks will benefit from improved groove ‘accuracy’ as the cutting takes twice as long to transcribe the audio. This reduces mechanical stress and results in a smoother, more natural top end.
CDs are still commonly used for physical music sales. AIR will master, sequence and create DDP pre-masters for your CD replication.


Next up in our CUES series, we welcome Rebecca Hordern. Rebecca started her internship at AIR in July 2019 having completed the first two years of the ‘Tonmeister' degree. Head over to our Instagram for Rebecca's take on Bond, Bon Iver, and more. Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCOCfXbBYKH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Set in Copenhagen: Jesper W. Nielsen’s ‘The Exception (Undtagelsen)’ opens this week in Danish cinemas. The film score was composed by Henrik Lindstrand and engineered by Jake Jackson @JakeJackson. The soundtrack will be available online from July 10th. #AIRmanagement

Yesterday I did my first ever session at @AIRStudios Had a blast! #soundtrack #musicprep

Amazing colour match today with @fionatron! Find out another her journey to sound engineer @AIRStudios, famous people she's worked with, what the mattresses are for in the studio (not nap..) And a diplomatic way to deal with egos! @londonsymphony https://youtu.be/F9jPfs1yzao

Archive: It’s been two years since the release of Florence + the Machine’s magnificent fourth studio album, ‘High as Hope’. Orchestra was arranged and conducted by Sally Herbert and recorded by Tom Bailey in Studio 1. #AIRstudios #AIRarchives


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