Jasper Ward

Jasper Ward


Jasper has worked for both major and independent labels with artists like Yard Act, Gathering of Strangers, Purple Disco Machine, M Huncho, and The Feeling.

He began his career by assisting on mastering sessions for releases by David Bowie, Pink Floyd, George Michael, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis. Working across Standard Digital Mastering, Vinyl Mastering, Apple Digital Masters, and Stem Mastering, Jasper is now building his own client base with the reputation of an excellent mastering and cutting engineer.

He joined AIR after completing his Tonmeister degree at the University of Surrey with a final year thesis on mastering.


M Huncho - Chasing Euphoria
Gathering of Strangers - Antidote
Emily Rice - Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner
Lily Agnès - Maniac
The Feeling - Loss Hope Love
Purple Disco Machine - Exotica
Chunk! No, Captain, Chunk! - Gone Are The Good Days
Dolly Parton - The Very Best Of

Recent Projects

Chasing Euphoria

M Huncho
Mastering Engineer: Jasper Ward


Gathering of Strangers
Mastering Engineer: Jasper Ward


Purple Disco Machine
Mastering Engineer: Jasper Ward


Contact Nikki to discuss Jasper Ward mastering your next project: mastering@airstudios.com