Adam Miller

Adam Miller


Clients & collaborators: Alex Baranowski, David Housden, Thomas Farnon, Peter Gregson, Jessica Jones, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Nitish Raina, Sam Thompson

Over a decade spent in-house at AIR, Adam has perfected his craft on feature films and classical records, games, and major stadium shows, working with the best and most innovative in the industry.

Adam co-engineered the soundtrack for Hans Zimmer and Jacob Shea’s BBC Planet Earth: A Celebration and recorded Bobby Krlic’s transfixing score for Midsommar. He mixed Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch’s foreboding track for Prano Bailey-Bond’s 2021 Sundance debut, Censor, and engineered and mixed Benjamin Woodgates’ music for the Welsh drama, Dream Horse. Adam has been a long-term collaborator of composer Peter Gregson, recording and mixing his Deutsche Grammophon debut Recomposed by Peter Gregson: Bach – The Cello Suites, as well as co-producing Gregson’s album Patina.

As part of his long-standing partnership with production company Musicom, Adam has recorded and mixed music for large arena shows, including the pioneering 360° surround sound UAE’s 46th National Day celebrations and the 2017 Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games opening and closing ceremonies.


Score Engineer & Mixer
Dream Horse - Benjamin Woodgates
David Holmes: The Boy who Lived - Tandis Jedhunson

Engineer & Mixer
Recomposed by Peter Gregson: Bach - The Cello Suites - Peter Gregson
Patina - Peter Gregson

Score Engineer
The Beast Must Die - Matthew Herbert
Midsommar - Bobby Krlic
I.S.S - Anne Nikitin
Have You Heard George’s Podcast? - Benbrick

Score Mixer
Censor - Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
True Things - Alex Baranowski
JFK: One Day In America - Sam Thompson
Finite: The Climate of ChangeAlexandra Hamilton-Ayres
The Tinder Swindler - Jessica Jones

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Moritz Wanger - Stones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - OST Mixer
Mortiz Wanger - Solstice - Mixer
Bràthair - Recede - Mixer
Kathryn MacLennan - The Ebbing Tide - Mixer
Kathryn MacLennan - As The Light Disappears - Mixer
Mikel Dale - Kandria – Mixer
Human - Vanbur - Mix Engineer
Bach Recomposed - Peter Gregson - Recording & Mix Engineer
Patina - Peter Gregson - Engineer & Co-producer
A - Thomas Farnon - Recording & Mix Engineer
Time-Lapse - Jasha Klebe - Recording & Mix Engineer
Reverie - Thomas Farnon - Recording & Mix Engineer
Symphonica - George Michael - Recordist
Brightest Blue - Ellie Goulding - String and Gospel Choir Recording Engineer
Halcyon Days - Ellie Goulding - String Recording Engineer
O Holy Night - Ellie Goulding - Recording Engineer
Classic House - Pete Tong & the Heritage Orchestra - Editor

Recent Projects

Illusion Island

Composer: David Housden
Score Mixer: Adam Miller

Fight The Power How HipHop Changed The World

Composer: Thomas Farnon
Score Mixer: Adam Miller
Score Engineer & Additional Mixer: Tom Bailey

Everyone Else Burns

Composer: Thomas Ross Fitzsimons
Score Mixer: Adam Miller

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