Adam Miller

Adam Miller


Clients & collaborators: Alex Baranowski, Thomas Farnon, Peter Gregson, Bobby Krlic, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch

Over a decade spent in-house at AIR, Adam has perfected his craft on feature films and classical records, games, and major stadium shows, working with the best and most innovative in the industry.

Adam co-engineered the soundtrack for Hans Zimmer and Jacob Shea’s BBC Planet Earth: A Celebration, and recorded Bobby Krlic’s transfixing score for Midsommar. Recently he mixed Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch’s foreboding track for Prano Bailey-Bond’s Sundance debut, Censor, and engineered and mixed Benjamin Woodgates’ music for sports drama, Dream Horse and war drama Benediction. Likewise, Adam has been a long-term collaborator of composers Thomas Farnon and Peter Gregson.

As part of his long-standing partnership with production company Musicom, Adam has been recording and mixing for large arena shows like the pioneering 360° surround sound UAE’s 46th National Day and the 2017 Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games ceremonies. He is currently planning on working with live, experiential, and immersive audio, as new developments emerge in 3D audio.

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Score Engineer & Mixer
Dream Horse - Benjamin Woodgates
Blackbird - Peter Gregson
Mari - Peter Gregson
After We Have Left Our Homes’ - Sam Thompson

Engineer & Mixer
Recomposed by Peter Gregson: Bach - The Cello Suites - Peter Gregson

Score Engineer
Midsommar - Bobby Krlic

Score Mixer
True Things - Alex Baranowski
Reclaiming Amy - Jess Jones

Score Editor
Wonder Woman 1984 - Hans Zimmer

Additional Score Engineer
Rebecca - Clint Mansell
Collette - Thomas Adès

Additional Mix Engineer
Woman Walks Ahead - George Fenton

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Human - Vanbur - Mix Engineer
Bach Recomposed - Peter Gregson - Recording & Mix Engineer
Si - Andrea Bocelli - Engineer
Piano - Peter Gregson - Recording & Mix Engineer
A - Thomas Farnon - Recording & Mix Engineer
Time-Lapse - Jasha Klebe - Recording & Mix Engineer
Reverie - Thomas Farnon - Recording & Mix Engineer
KPM Big Screen: Animation - Various - Recording Engineer
Symphonica - George Michael - Recordist
Halcyon Days - Ellie Goulding - String Recording Engineer
O Holy Night - Ellie Goulding - Recording Engineer
Classic House - Pete Tong & the Heritage Orchestra - Editor

Recent Projects

Planet Earth: A Celebration

Composers: Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea & Dave
Score Engineers: Geoff Foster & Adam Miller

Dream Horse

Composer: Benjamin Woodgates
Score Engineer & Mixer: Adam Miller


Composer: The Haxan Cloak
Score Engineer: Adam Miller

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