Paul Golding

Paul Golding


Paul Golding is an industry renowned sound engineer with a career spanning over 30 years. Having co-engineered on the blockbusting trilogy The Lord of The Rings, Paul’s versatile portfolio spans across genres and partnerships such as his long-term collaboration with John Lunn. 

Trained at the legendary Lansdowne and Cine-Tele Sound Studios (CTS), Paul has worked extensively in film and TV score engineering and mixing. Among his most notable prime-time TV credits are productions such as the Emmy Award-winning Downton Abbey (John Lunn), BBC TV movie Elizabeth Is Missing (Dominik Scherrer), Episodes (Oli Julian & Mark Thomas), Endeavour (Matthew Slater & Barrington Pheloung) and film credits with composers Anne Nikitin and Charlie Mole. Paul has also worked on soundtracks including The Night Manager (Victor Reyes) and The Kill List (Jim Williams) before recently joining us at AIR Management in 2019.


Endeavour – Matthew Slater & Barrington Pheloung – Score Engineer
Four Kids and It – Anne Nikitin – Score Engineer
Downton Abbey – John Lunn – Score Engineer
Elizabeth Is Missing – Dominik Scherrer – Score Engineer
Swimming With Men – Charlie Mole – Score Engineer
Episodes – Mark Thomas & Oli Julian – Score Engineer
Mr Selfridge – Charlie Mole – Score Engineer
The Last Kingdom – John Lunn – Score Engineer
Kill List – Jim Williams – Score Mixer
The Lord of The Rings Trilogy – Howard Shore – Co-Recording Engineer

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David Arnold, Paul Hart & David Snell – Minimalist I – Mixer
John Lunn – Downton Abbey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Engineer & Mixer
Jessica Curry – Dear Esther (Original Soundtrack) - Engineer & Mixer
Mic Righteous – Intellectuals Unite (Feat. Vivienne Westwood) - Engineer
Jan Mulder – Love Divine III – Engineer & Mixer
Victor Reyes – The Night Manager (Original Soundtrack) - Co-engineer
Randy Edelman – Pontiac Moon (Music From The Motion Picture) - Engineer & Mixer
Jim Williams – Kill List (Original Soundtrack Recording) - Mixer
John Lunn – Downton Abbey: The Ultimate Collection – Engineer & Mixer
The James Taylor Quartet – The Rochester Mass – Engineer
John Lunn – Downton Abbey (Music From The Television Series) - Engineer & Mixer
The Senti-mentals – Who Knows, Who Cares? - Mixer
Ray Gelato – Ray Gelato Salutes The Great Entertainers – Engineer
Voces & Martyn Warren – Plainsong And Polyphony – Co-engineer
James Taylor’s 4th Dimension – Picking Up Where We Left Off – Engineer
Steve Carter – Human Endeavour – Engineer
Geoffrey Burgon – The Forsyte Saga – Engineer
Gabriel Yared – Autumn In New York (Original Soundtrack) - Engineer
David Arnold, Paul Hart & David Snell – Minimalist II – Mixer
Brian Lemon – Roy Williams Quintet With The Supreme Sideman – Mixer
Various – The Card (1994 London Cast Recording) - Engineer
Christopher Gunning – The Big Battalions – Co-engineer

Recent Projects

The Last Kingdom

Composer: John Lunn
Score Engineer: Paul Golding


Composer: Matthew Slater
Score Engineer & Mixer: Paul Golding

Liam Gallagher

All You're Dreaming Of
String Engineer: Paul Golding

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