COVID-19 Information

Updated 19 Aug 2021 

Following UK Government Guidance and our own Risk Assessments, AIR Studios has drawn up a detailed Health & Safety Policy to protect the staff, clients and you from COVID-19.

This overview highlights the key points to help you understand the changes.

It is prepared according to the DCMS approved guidelines set out by our trade body the MPG (Music Producers Guild)

We also recommend you read the Musician Union guidance on what to expect when Attending Recording Sessions.

Further Documentation

Our full risk assessments and policies are available here

AIR-Studios-COVID-19-RA-Studio-Operations-V11 updated 19/08/21

AIR Studios COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy v7 updated 01/09/21

AIR Studios COVID-19 Health & Safety Overview

Updated 19 Aug 2021 


To protect personnel at AIR and help reduce transmission in the wider community:

  • We ask everybody to follow GOV.UK and TfL guidance, particularly on public transport, when travelling to AIR Studios
  • Extra cycle parking will be provided

Health Questionnaires

To reduce the chance that COVID-19 is brought on-site we require:

  • Completion of our online pre-registration prior to coming to Lyndhurst Hall
  • Completion of an online health questionnaire, if requested, whilst working at Lyndhurst Hall
  • Possible health screening, e.g. temp check, by medical personnel on arrival

Training & Communication

To keep all personnel informed and ensure safe practice:

  • All staff receive COVID-19 H&S training before they return to work
  • Risk Assessments and Health & Safety Policies are available online
  • A dedicated online information hub has been created to keep staff informed

Arriving at the Studios

To ensure all personnel gain access safely when arriving you should:

  • Allow for extra time to access the studio for queuing, registration & health checks
  • Bring the access permission email – on a phone or printed to speed up sign-in
  • Bring just one small bag (excluding musical instruments) kept at your designated seat/space
  • Use the sanitising stations situated at the entrances
  • On entry proceed directly to designated location/seat
  • Remain at seat/station unless directed otherwise
  • Use the space provided outside when on breaks

Social Distancing

Following UK GOV policy we will no longer be mandating social distancing in the studio.
However Social Distancing may be implemented in the live area on specific sessions.

We will retain the following policies:

  • Contact free sign in for all personnel
  • Live Areas have designated seating
  • Controlled movement between control room and live area

Personal Hygiene

To reduce the possibility of transmission on-site we are providing:

  • Sanitising stations at external entry and studio entry points
  • Pedal operated waste bins
  • Single use paper towels in all toilet facilities

PPE & Face Masks

We advise that:

  • Musicians use face coverings or masks except when playing an instrument
  • Clients, crew and visitors use face coverings or masks

Provision of PPE and face coverings.

  • AIR staff will be supplied with, situation appropriate, PPE
  • Client, crew, visitors & musicians should supply their own face coverings or PPE

COVID-19 Specific Cleaning

To remove possible contamination of surfaces and equipment AIR will:

  • Disinfect common touch areas, in the morning & throughout the day after session breaks
  • Perform deep cleaning of the studio between projects and sessions
  • Specific cleaning of musician equipment: chairs, headphones, music stands
  • Specific cleaning protocols for personnel responsible for studio equipment
  • Use UV-C disinfection systems as appropriate


To keep all personnel safe during breaks:

  • AIR Catering is closed for refurbishment
  • Musicians are asked to bring all food/drink that they require for the day with them
  • Clients and musicians are asked to eat at their seats/station or in space provide outside
  • Musicians are asked to take all their waste/rubbish home with them or use pedal bins provided

Operating Procedures

Updated 19 Aug 2021


Whilst on-site musicians are advised to:
  • Wear a face covering or mask except when playing an instrument
  • Stay at their designated seat or station
  • At breaks only leave their seat when instructed
Musicians are not permitted to touch any studio equipment other than their designated:
  • Chair
  • music stand
  • sheet music
  • headphones
  • instrument and personal belongings
Musicians must not touch or use another musicians designated equipment.
Musicians must not plug their own equipment/chargers into mains sockets


Musicians should remain seated until instructed. We have provided access to an outdoor area and musicians are encouraged to use this on breaks. You will be informed which toilets are in use on a given session.

The rest of the studio building is STRICTLY out of bounds - this includes the gallery unless you are seated in the gallery.


  • Will undergo anti-viral cleaning before and after use
  • Can be cleaned by the user with their own cleaning products
  • Musicians can bring their own headphones
  • Musicians must minimise contact with our headphone stage boxes

Specific Instruments

We request that players of the following instruments should also:
  • Brass – capture spit valve content with a container, towel or cloth and take this off-site
  • Wind - no extra mitigation required
  • Vocals/Choir - no extra mitigation required

Session End

Please leave the studio promptly. There is no requirement to "Sign Out", we will do this for you.
Updated 19 Aug 2021


Whilst on site clients, crew & visitors are advised to:
  • Wear a face covering or mask
  • Stay within their designated Team Area during sessions unless permitted otherwise

Sound Engineer, Recordist, Assistant

Control Room Team. Controlled access to the Live Area once the musicians are in the Live Area. There is a dedicated toilet facility for this Team.

Producers & Directors

Control Room Team. No access to the Live Area.

Music Editors

Control Room Team. No access to the Live Area.


Control Room Team. Controlled access to the Live Area may be possible.


Live Area Team. Controlled access to the control room for playback.

Orchestral Supervisors/Contractors/Managers/Fixers

Live Area Team or Control Room Team. Assigned depending on which location would benefit the role best.

Stage Assistant

Stage Team. Access to the Live Area - time limited once the musicians are in session. Access to Heath & Safety Area. No access to Control Room once musicians Control Room Team are present. The stage assistant, or designated staff member, is responsible for opening the Live Area doors.


Stage Team. Access to Live Area but limited to when no musicians are present or there is limited occupancy - e.g. breaks. Distribute the scores to the stands before the musicians enter the Live Area. Provide boxes for the musicians to deposit the scores at the end of the session.

Technical Support

Technical Team. Access all areas but time limited in the Live Area when musicians are present. Technical Support may provide longer assistance in the control room.

Technical Director (H&S)

Health & Safety Team. As per Stage Team but Access All Areas to for any supervision or enforcement issues.


Health & Safety Team. As per Stage Team but Access All Areas if medical attendance is required.

Session End

Once all musicians have left the building after a session then the Control Room Team and Stage Team may move more freely to facilitate break-down and setup. Social distancing must be observed at all times. Care should be taken when handling equipment that has yet to be cleaned; it is advised to wear gloves if practical for the job.
Updated 19 Aug 2021 

All our air conditioning is now running at maximum fresh air. Each studio & live space has a separate system. The Hall's extract system is automatically enabled whenever the session is not in record - 60-70% of a session.

AIR Conditioning Specification

The ac/hr (air circulation per hour) for each space is:
  • Hall Control Room 13.5 ac/hr
  • Hall Live Area 3.32 ac/hr
  • Studio 1 Control Room 28.5 ac/hr
  • Studio 1 Live Area 7.75 ac/hr
  • Studio 2 Control Room 18.75 ac/hr
  • Studio 3 Control Room 13.25 ac/hr
Updated 19 Aug 2021

The UK GOV move to "Step 4" means we now have the maximum capacity in each of our rooms as follows:

The Hall

Control Room – 7 people (Engineer, Recordist, Assistant, 4 Clients)
Live Room – 70 musicians - includes musicians in booths when "open"
Please note: if social distancing is required then the live area capacity reduces to 50.
Large Booths (x2) – 4 people in each when "closed"
Small Booths (x2) – 1 person in each
Ante Room – 2 people
Green Room – 2 people (if available)

Studio 1

Control Room – 5 people (Engineer, Recordist, Assistant, 2 Clients)
Live Room – 30 musicians
Please note: if social distancing is required for a session the live area capacity reduces to 20.
Ante Room – 1 person
Office Room - 1 person

Studio 2

Control Room – 4 people (Engineer, Assistant, 2 Clients)
Ante Room – 1 person
Office Room - 1 person

Studio 3

Control Room – 4 people (Engineer, Assistant, 2 Clients)
Ante Room – 1 person
Office Room - 1 person


Suite – 2 persons (Engineer & Client)
Prep – 1 person (Engineer)

Restrictions on Movement
  • Only specified control room personnel will be allowed into the live area whilst there are musicians on the floor
  • There will be a stage assistant designated to perform essential live area duties - on some sessions this role may be combined with the Control Room Assistant
  • Technical support personnel will make every effort to resolve issues remotely but may be required to attend these spaces on occasion
  • A sanitising station is positioned at the control room door and must be used on each whenever moving between the two Areas
Updated 19 Aug 2021

To complement our policy of keeping as many of the productions personnel off-site as possible AIR has updated it's range of remote monitoring options:


Talkback and video. Application or web


HQ audio feed. Web-based, no app required.

ClearView Flex Pro

HQ, low-latency audio and video. Web-based, very secure.


HQ audio & video. Web-based, no app required.

SourceConnect Pro-X

HQ audio, talkback and pic sync. Complex setup.

SourceConnect Now

Talkback. Web-based.


For further details or answers to specific questions you may have please contact us:

AIR Studios Coronavirus Team –

    Health & Safety Guidance for musicians, contractors and all personnel who will be working at the studio