Toy Cupboard Equipment List
In addition to the standard outboard provided with each Studio you can select extra items on a first come first served basis from AIR Studios legendary Toy Cupboard. No charge is made but do pre-book any specific requirement

ProTools Plugins
Abbey Road EMI TG 12413
Access Virus Indigo
Antares Auto-Tune
Audioease Altiverb
Cargo Cult Spanner
Celemony Melodyne editor (v2)
Cranesong Phoenix
—BF Classic Compressors
—BF Fairchild Bundle
—BF Moogerfooger Bundle
—BF Pultec Bundle
—BF Voce Bundle
—Focusrite d2/d3
—Funk Logic Maximizer
—Reverb One
—Satellite Link
—Slightly Rude Compressor
—Tel-Ray Variable Delay
—TL Drum Rehab
—TL Space TDM
Dolby Surround Tools
Drawmer Dynamics
FabFilter Total Bundle
iZotope RX ™
Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle
Line 6
—Echo Farm
Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter
—Analog Channel
—Chrome Tone
MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ
Motu Mach5
Purple Audio MC77
reFuse Lowender
Serato Pitch’n’Time
Slate Digital Virtual Bus Compressor
—Oxford Dynamics
—Oxford Limiter
—Oxford R3 EQ
—Oxford Restoration
—Pro Codec
SSL Duende Complete
Synchro Arts Vocalign Pro
TC Electronic Master X3
T-Racks EQ
—Frequency Echo
—Vintage Verb
—API Collection
—Bass Rider Native
—CLA Classic Compressors
—JJP Analogue Legends
—Lo Air
—Platinum Bundle (v9)
—UM225 & UM226
zplane PPMulatorXL

Reverb and Delays
AMS DMX 1580 (1) AMS Chorus Controller for 1580 (2)
EMT 140 Echo Plate (4)
EMT 240 Echo Plate (2)
Grampian Spring Reverb (1)
Lexicon 960L (1)
Lexicon 480L (3)
Lexicon 224XL (3)
Lexicon PCM 42 (2)
Publison IM90 ‘Infernal Machine’ (1)
Sony DRE2000 (1)
Studer A80 1/4″ Tape Delay (2)
TC Electronics M6000 (1)
TC Electronics Finalizer plus (1)
TC Electronics M5000 (1)
TC Electronics dbMax (1)
TC Electronics 2290 (1)
Ursa Major Space Station (1)
Yamaha REV7 (1)
Yamaha REV5 (1)

Effect Units
A&D Panscan (1)
AMS Phaser 2.20 (1)
Bel Flanger BF20 (1)
DBX 120XP Sub harmonic synthesiser (1)
Eventide Instant Phaser (1)
Eventide H910 Harmoniser (1)
Eventide Flanger FL201 (1)
Line 6 POD Guitar Processor (2)
Mutrontics Mutator (2)
MXR Phaser/Flanger (3 pairs)
Roland Dimension D (1)
Roland SDE 3000 wih Sampler Mod (1)
Roland Sampler Mod Controllers (2)
Sherman Filter Bank (2)
Songbird Cyclosonics Panner (1)

APSI 559 Graphic Equaliser (2 pairs)
BBE 202R Sonic Maximizer (1)
Focusrite ISA85110 4 Channel EQ (also Mic Pre Amps) (2)
GML 8200 Parametric Equaliser (1)
Klark Teknik DN22 Stereo Graphic Equaliser (1)
Manley Massive Passive EQ (1)
Summit Audio TLA 200 (1)
Urei 545 Parametric Equaliser (1)

Compressors, Gates and Limiters
BSS DPR901 Quad Dynamic Equaliser (1)
BSS DPR402 Stereo Compressor/Limiter/De esser (1)
Chiswick Reach Stereo Valve Compressor (1)
DBX 165A Compressor/Limiter (1)
DBX 165 Compressor/Limiter (1)
Drawmer 1960 Stereo Compressor/Limiter (1)
Drawmer DS201 Noise Gates (1)
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 (1)
FAIRchild 670 Stereo Compessor (1)
FAIRchild 660 Mono Compressor (1)
Maselec MLA2 Stereo Compressor (1)
Orban 516EL Sibilence Controller (1)
Summit Audio DCL 200 Stereo Compressor (1)
Teletronix LA2A (1)
Teletronix LA3A (1 pair)
Urei 1176 LN Peak Limiters

Mic Pre Amps
Focusrite ISA110 Mono Mic Pre (1)
Focusrite ISA85110 4 Channel EQ Rack (as in EQ) (2)
GML 8304 4ch Microphone Pre-amp (1)

Midi and Keyboards
Emagic Unitor 8 (1)
Hammond B3 Organ plus Leslie (1)
Moog MiniMoog (1)
Oberhiem OB3 Hammond Organ Synthesiser (1)
Opcode Studio 3 (1)
Opcode Studio 4 (1)
Quark Midi 2 Long Range Midi Booster (1)
Roland SBX80 Midi Synchroniser (1)
SRC AT Smpte reader (1)
Yamaha DX7 FM Synthesiser (1)

Mackie 1604 Mixer (2)

Acoustic Research AR18 (1 pair)
ATC SCM 20 (1 pair)
ATC SCM25A (1 pair)
Auratone C4 (2 pair)
B&W 801 (1 pair)
Dynaudio 5.1 System B15A with BX30 Sub (1 set)
Dynaudio M1 (1 pair)
Genelec S30 (1 pair)
HHB Circle 5 (1 pair)
KRK 9000B (1 pair)
Mackie HR 824 (1 pair)
ProAc 100 (1 pair)
Yamaha NS10M HiFi (4 pairs)
Yamaha NS10M Studio (3 pairs)