48 Fader 500 Path AMS DFC Gemini, 24 bit.
“Atmos” Monitor Panel up to 16 speakers.

Audio Monitoring
Full Range “Atmos” Surround System
Dynaudio M4 Main Monitors LCR
Dynaudio BM15 Surround/Ceiling Monitors (8 total)
Dynaudio 18″ Sub System
MC-2 DSP80 X-over & amplifiers
Chord nearfield amplification

Nearfield monitors from AR, ATC, B&W, Dynaudio, Genelec, HHB, KRK, ProAc, Yamaha. Please see the Toy Cupboard for a complete list.

Audio Recorders
2 x AVID Pro Tools HDX3 MADI I/O 192 track
AVID ProTools HD Native HD I/O 24 track, Blackmagic Picture Playback

Video Monitoring
Panansonic projector onto 100″ acoustic screen

2 Stereo Cues


PAL, NTSC & 30 frame house video references
44.1k and 48k house wordclock and AES references
Probel video and timecode distribution amplifiers