48 Fader 500 Path AMS DFC Gemini, 24 bit.
Surround Monitor Panel including dual programmable joysticks.

Audio Monitoring
Full Range 5.1 Surround System
Dynaudio M4 Main Monitors LCR
Dynaudio BM15 Surround Monitors (2 per side)
Dynaudio 18″ Sub System
Chord and Chameleon Amplification
XTA digital cross-overs
Acron & Chameleon nearfield amplification

Nearfield monitors from AR, ATC, B&W, Dynaudio, Genelec, HHB, KRK, ProAc, Yamaha. Please see the Toy Cupboard for a complete list.

Audio Recorders
Digidesign ProTools HD 8 to 96 Channel
Digidesign ProTools Prism ADA8 24 Channel
Studer 2″ Analogue Multitrack optional Dolby SR
Ampex ATR100″ Analogue 2-track
Sony 3348 Digital Multitrack
SADiE 24/96 Digital 8 Channel
Tascam DA98HR Digital 8-track
Genex GX8500 Digital 8-track
Akai DD8+ Digital 8-track

Video Recorders
Sony Umatic – PAL & NTSC
Sony BetaSP – PAL
Sony DigiBeta – PAL
Panasonic Pro SVHS – PAL

Please note that audio and video recorder requirements must be pre-booked.

Video Monitoring
Barco Line6 projector onto 100″ acoustic screen

2 Stereo Cues
Individual 8 channel artist cue mixers

TimeLine Lynx system with KCU remote controller
Motionworks R2P2 9pin remote controller
PAL, NTSC & 30 frame house video references
44.1k and 48k house wordclock and AES references
Probel video and timecode distribution amplifiers

Sony 7030 Timecode DAT (2)
Pioneer CD Player
Dolby SEU4 Surround Encoder
Dolby SDU4 Surround Decoder
CEDAR DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor