96 Channel Neve 88R with SP2 Film Panel
Encore Automation and AIR Recall Patchbay
48 channels of Neve ‘AIR Montserrat’ remote mic pre-amps

Audio Monitoring
Full Range 5.1 Surround System
Dynaudio Custom M4 Main Monitors LCR
Dynaudio M2 Surround Monitors
Dynaudio Custom 2×18″ Sub System
Chord and Chameleon Amplification
XTA digital cross-overs
Chord & HH nearfield amplification
Nearfield monitors from AR, ATC, B&W, Dynaudio,
Genelec, HHB, KRK, ProAc, Yamaha.
Please see the Toy Cupboard for a complete list.

Audio Recorders
AVID Pro Tools HDX 3 HD I/O 96 tracks
AVID ProTools HDX1 HD I/O 24 track, Blackmagic Picture Playback
Studer 2″ Analogue Multitrack optional Dolby SR/A
Ampex ATR100 Analogue 2-track

Please note that audio recorder requirements must be pre-booked.

Picture Monitoring
Pioneer 50″ Plasma display (2)
iiyama 50″ LFD Display (2)

4 Stereo Cues & SLS
Trilogy 36 way digital communications system
Aviom 32 Channel Personal Cue Mixers
Private Phone System

PAL, NTSC & 30 frame house video references.
44.1k and 48k house wordclock and AES references.
Probel video and timecode distribution amplifiers.

Prism AD124 24bit Convertor
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon 224XL
Neve Stereo Compressor 33906/J linked for 8 channel surround (4)
Neve Compressor 32254/A (2)
Urei 1176 LN Compressor (2)
DBX 160 Compressors (2)
DBX 902 De-essers (2)
Eventide Harmoniser H3000 Pultec EQ P1A FAIRchild 660 Mono Limiter
Lexicon PCM 70
Yamaha Rev 7
Yamaha SPX 90 (2)
TC Electronics 2290 Stereo Delay
AMS Stereo Delay 15-18S Roland SDE 3000
Drawmer DS201 Gates (2)